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Acqua Alma Point is a smart water dispenser for any kind of water, also flavored waters and customized beverages. You can actively interact with this water machine, by the APP 'Acqua Alma Refill' and the smart bottle with NFC tag. The user can manage profiles, preferences, flavors, keep track of their hydration level and find the nearest Acqua Alma Point. Thanks to the NFC tag, the bottle gets associated with the user profile and recognized by the machine, recalling favorites or active promotions on the profile. 


  • ROOM

  • COLD



  • > 300 persons

High-tech smart water dispenser

Technical features
of the Acqua Alma Point water dispenser:
  • 3 Types of water - Select hot cold or cool water and one between 3 different dosages
  • Customization of drinks up to 4 different flavors
  • App (Apple & Android) for end users 
  • 12 '' Touch display
  • Payments available: cashless and coins
  • WIFI and 4G mobile connection
  • NFC reader
  • Camera for reading QR code
  • Dispensing compartment with LED lighting

Hot and cold smart water dispenser solutions

Acqua Alma Point
is an innovative smart dispenser for connectivity at the service of the manager:
  • Celli Cloud for integrated management of the installed base
  • Real time monitor and preventive maintenance
  • BIB’s and CO2 bottle-order based on actual usage
  • Data Analytics for sales monitoring and forecasting
  • Attract loop, prices, promotion, subscription and updates remotely
  • App content push notification

The water market is highly dynamic and boasts unrestrained growth. The water business today is dominated by a numer of trends that convey key needs – health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, customization, digitalization.

Modern consumers drink more water and pursue healthier lifestyles, but at the same time they are concerned about the environment they live in; in fact, they prefer sustainable approaches also with respect to drinking water.

Moreover, consumers today keep searching for ‘premiumproducts and also want to rely on solutions created according to their needs, requirements and preferences, with a focus on full customization. They want a smart water dispensing system to select the water carbonization level, temperature (to prepare teas and infusions), aromas, and taste using flavours, as well as the sensory characteristics (such as the sodium or calcium contents) and the amount of functional elements (vitamins and minerals).

 A response to these needs comes from the Acqua Alma point smart water system and the new WaterBar smart tower dispenser. This comes from a new concept by Cosmetal, which is capable of dispensing beverages customised with flavours, essences, supplements, mineral salts and with different carbonisation levels.

WaterBar ensures easy interaction with the drinking water dispenser for dynamic users, utmost creativity for the best consumption experience, it is the revolutionary dispenser designed for all kinds of premises, including bars, restaurants, schools, gyms, spas, offices and canteens.

Water dispenser for a smart hydration

Owners and operators of public places need guidelines and technical know-how when installing and operating a cold and hot water dispenser system for public and on the go consumption, based on good practices that comply with all the rules in force.
Cosmetal, as the leading manufacturer of water dispensing equipment, contributes with its experience in system installation, maintenance, sanitization and service rules for appropriate water treatment.

Draught water dispensing systems for public venues and offices are now completely automated. This prevents tampering with water in all the steps of the pipeline, and the staff in charge only needs to comply with basic food hygiene rules.

An efficient smart water dispenser machine combined with a periodical maintenance schedule, ensures that high-quality sustainable water is dispensed, to the benefit of public place operators and of their customer alike.

Make a sustainable choice with a smart water dispenser

Concern for the environment is a fundamental part of the Celli Group business strategy and our environmental approach applies to all areas of our business; from our range of chilled water dispensers and countertop water coolerto our internal operations. While we can work to minimise the direct environmental impact always aim for continuous improvement, we are aware that our operations and our smart water dispenser solutions will always have some environmental footprint.

There is a strong ethical correspondance in the Group’s way of doing sustainability. For us, it means taking care of the territory in which we operate, giving value to the communities with actions related to the protection of natural heritage, developing plans that allow us to achieve production efficiency and energy saving.
We are talking about energy saving functions and electronical components, eco-sustainable logistics, territorial projects in partnership. These are all examples of what it means to do sustainability through the reduction of environmental waste, in favor of natural capital, which is our wealth.

On the new lifestyles front, Cosmetal and Celli are active in promoting the relationship between health and sustainability. These themes are linked to recycling education, for example, because although consumers are evolving, they need clear suggestions about possible solutions to orient themselves.
With Cosmetal’s wide product range – with all types of instant hot water tap, water drip traystanding water dispenser, 5 gallon water dispenser and many other products and accessories – consumers are engaged in the promotion of the benefits of proper hydration and healthy drinking, combined with the idea of a sustainable future.

This commitment demonstrates how much we care about the natural capital and water resources, also through the creation of always innovative and smart countertop water dispenser.

    can be equipped with specific filters for every need


    anti-bacterial system with UV technology for dispensing area

    Manual Area




      We have always strived to ensure that our products guarantee maximum reliability and quality. Should the need arise, a wide range of spare parts is available. If you are already our customer, go to the reserved area to buy the spare parts that you need, or ask for authentication here.