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G7 EC is a 3-way hot water dispenser system with touch screen and solenoid box included. It's an instant hot water machine that provides up to 215 cups per hour of 98° C extra hot water. A 250 ml cup can be ready in just 5 seconds; the desired temperature is guaranteed form the first dispensing. A modern and sophisticated design with a thermally insulated body and touch controls. It should serve hot and cold water coordinated with the recessed Pro Streamwater-boiler, ideal for preparing tea, coffee and other hot drinks .


  • ROOM

  • COLD

  • HOT

  • From 1 to 5

  • From 5 to 10

  • From 10 to 20

  • From 20 to 30

Instant hot water dispenser system

The G7 EC tap is a cold and hot water dispenser system that can be easily installed to the office or kitchen sink. This water faucet ensures a reliable and efficient filtered water supply for small venues. Always available and immediately ready hot water.

Technical features
of the G7 EC hot water dispenser:
  • Faucet - Chromed body, thermally insulated stainless steel, and touch controls equipped with a safety device for the safe delivery of extra hot water.
  • Installation - A special template facilitates installation operations. The tap can be mounted near the sink or on any support surface together with the drip tray with drain.
  • Technology - Open hot tank. Any steam that is created is conveyed into the exhaust pipe. Boiling point customizable based on altitude.
  • Energy saving - The energy saving function starts automatically after two hours of use by lowering the water temperature inside the tank to 65 ° C; after further or non-use of the boiler, it switches off permanently.
  • Dispensing - Equipped with electronic temperature control and anti-boiling function, Pro-stream instantly delivers at 98 ° C and fills up to 215 cups per hour of extra hot water. In addition, in the presence of the appropriate options, it offers 15 liters / hour of cold and / or sparkling water.
  • Descaling - Designed to perform a complete washing of the inside of the machine quickly and quickly thanks to the total emptying of the tank.
  • Control panel - The status of the lights on the control panel indicates the operating phases of the boiler; ready, in heating and off.
  • Modular construction - In the presence of the cold and / or sparkling option, to complement the boiler, a specific unit is added for the production of cold water.
  • Filtration - Optional water filter for protecting the system against limescale build-up.
  • Limescale removal - Designed for rapidly running a complete wash cycle inside the machine, thanks to the relevant function that fully empties the tank.
Also discover the cutting-edge and practical Pro Stream instant hot water tap by Cosmetal, the perfect solution for the quick preparation of warm drinks such as tea, coffee and any hot drink.

Hot water dispenser system for the office

Bar and restaurant owners and operators require guidelines and technical know-how when installing and operating their first still and sparkling water dispenser for public and on the go consumption, based on good practices that comply with all the rules in force.

Cosmetal, as leading company in producing water dispenser equipment, offers its 40 years of experience in system installation, maintenance, sanitization and service rules for appropriate water serving. Draught water dispensing machines for public and work places are now completely automated. This prevents tampering with water in all the steps of the pipeline, and the operator in charge only needs to comply with basic food hygiene rules.

An advanced cold water dispenser or hot water dispenser system combined with an efficient and correct periodical maintenance schedule, ensures that high-quality sustainable water is dispensed, to the benefit of public operators and of their customer alike.

Sustainable water dispenser system for more responsible hydration

Concern for the environment has always been a fundamental part of the Celli Group business strategy. Our environmental approach applies to all areas of our business, from our range of countertop water coolers and chilled water dispensers to our internal operations. While we can work to minimise the direct environmental impact always aim for continuous improvement, we are aware that our actions and our products will always have some environmental footprint.

There is a strong ethical correspondance in the Group’s way of doing sustainability. For us, it means taking care of the territory in which we operate, giving value to the communities with actions related to the protection of natural heritage and resources, developing plans that allow us to achieve production efficiency and energy saving. We are therefore talking about: energy saving functions and electronical components for our products; eco-sustainable logistics; territorial projects in partnership. All good examples of our way to do sustainability through the reduction of environmental waste, in favor of natural capital.

On the new lifestyles front, Cosmetal and Celli are active in promoting the relationship between health and sustainability. These themes are linked to recycling education, for example, because although consumers are evolving, they need clear suggestions about possible solutions instead of plastic water bottles.

With Cosmetal’s wide product range – with all types of cold and hot water tap, water drip tray, countertop water dispenser, standing water dispenser and many other products and accessories – consumers are engaged in the promotion of the benefits of healthy drinking and proper hydration, combined with the idea of a more sustainable future. This commitment demonstrates how much we care about nature and water resources, also through the constant creation of more advanced and smart water dispensers.

Water dispensers such as drinking water coolers and bottle water dispensers are a highly sustainable drinks choice. Unfortunately, the most widespread means to water consumption is through single-use plastic bottles, with a staggering 1 million bottles bought around the world every minute.
Water consumption through a dispenser replaces the need for harmful plastic bottles and provides the same great-tasting, microfiltered water as bottled water. Plus, water dispensers also eliminate plastic bottles ending up in the overall environmental waste product.

Cosmetal’s dispensers are designed with the environment in mind and feature energy saving components. Energy, fuel and water are all conserved by our current generation of point-of-use water dispensers, providing a clear environmental benefit. The cost of transporting, storing and disposing of plastic water bottles is eliminated, indeed.

Making the earth a better place, glass by glass with pure, refreshing and sustainable water is the goal of all companies. We truly care about the welfare of our planet, in fact we carefully consider the environmental impact of our services and are always looking to provide sustainable solutions for our customers. The Group’s goal is to enhance the water network and rebalance a consumption model that is far too oriented towards bottled water.

Cold and hot water dispenser system for your home and workplace

Drinking water is a vital task for our health and is fundamental to mantain life. Every person needs to have enough water each day for the body to function effectively, but nowadays most of the people drink chlorine-treated water that still contains many harmful bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. In fact, tap water may not be clean and safe, despite passing through a the local water treatment facility.

This is because it’s easy for water to pick up contaminants during the delivery. Day by day, the quality of water for human consumption raises worry, and new quality controls are being introduced on the entire water treatment and distribution chain. Unfiltered water, even if it has come from the water treatment plant still have contaminants such as lead. Water treatment plants add chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine to the water as their treatment method.

A good way to ensure a good supply of clean and safe drinking water in any public venue is to install a bottle water cooler with a high-quality filtration system.

The benefits of a hot and cold water dispenser system with an efficient filtration system:

  1. Always safe drinking water – A filtration system assures healthy drinking water, compared to bottled and tap water coming from the water treatment plants in your municipality. With an advanced water dispenser, chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine, and also other impurities and toxins are removed. Always good and safe drinking water to fill and refill your water bottle any time.
  2. Sustainable Water chillers and hot and cold water dispensers are by nature a sustainable choice, instead of plastic water bottles. It takes on average 450 years for plastic bottles to disintegrate.
  3. Cost Saving – As soon as you install a water dispensing machine in your home or office, you will realize a big savings in money and time for loading and transportation.
  4. Good tasting water – Water filtration systems remove elements that cause drinking water to have an unpleasant taste and smell, such as lead, chlorine and bacteria. A water machines will greatly improve the overall purity, taste and smell of drinking water.

IntelliWater: the revolution in water business

From the success of the revolutionary system 'IntelliDraught' for beer and soft drinks dispensing, the Celli Group has decided to join forces with Cosmetal to enter the water dispensing industry, meeting the needs of the market.
IntelliWater is a innovative digital platform designed for those who sell or rent coutertop, undercounter or standing water dispenser systems and who manage an already-installed fleet. The telemetry system makes it possible to remotely monitor and inspect every equipment, with each water machine sending a constant stream of data to the platform. Then they get processed and turned into valuable information.

The parameters that can be measured are: the amount of water dispensed, the water dispenser's status, CO2 and pressure levels, sanitation cycles, and more.
The goal is to improve the daily maintenance and management of those operating in HoReCa businesses, lowering maintenance costs and increasing profitability.
Water dispensing systems compatible with the cloud connection to the IntelliWater platform can deliver customizable sparkling, still, flavoured, cold and hot water on demand to prepare your favourite drink in an innovative way, just by using the smart touch controls and the desired temperature digital display.
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