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The integrated digital platform to enhance and simplify your digital water dispenser.

It is a gradual path towards a new managerial and technological paradigm. It starts from existing technologies and progressively developing skills and new business models.
The innovative IntelliWater system prevents failures, avoids downtime and reduces extraordinary repair costs. It is a Digital Platform for the remote management of installations and the automated monitoring of one or more machines. This revolutionary IoT system was developed in-house by the Celli Group and already used in the soft-drink and draft beer sectors. Now it is applied to the management of water dispensing systems delivering customizable still, sparkling, flavored, cold and hot water on demand to prepare your favorite drink in an innovative way, just by using the smart touch controls and the desired temperature digital display.
The user experience, as far as water consumption is concerned, starts from the user's water point of use. The interaction with the dispenser is fast and effective with the support of other technical features; for example, the smart bottle designed with NFC tag can be recognized by the machine and can recall the user's favourite recipes or the promotions activated through the user's profile; the APP on the consumer's smartphone, to manage their profile, preferences and flavors, and to keep track of their hydration level.
Intelliwater provides remote control over all the host systems through the ability to check the perfect conditions of the equipment at all times, or to take immediate action in case of problems. It therefore allows to leverage on huge potentials and to achieve true competitive advantages, including: sharp reduction of downtimes, limited on-site interventions, optimal spare part supply management.
Gathering competitive intelligence is a time-consuming task. The smart dispenser collects and sends data to a processing system to obtain instantly valuable informations on the equipment's status, on the quality of the dispensed beverage, and on consumption habits. Every water dispensing system analyzes the user behavior regarding their water intake and frequency of use. This data shows how the machine can guarantee proper hydration for all the users also when used continuously, for example in public venues, schools, apartment complexes, airports and malls. Producers, service centres and logistic networks can access an unprecedented amount and variety of data, which are precious resources to conduct a competitive analysis and, as a result, to get new customers and improve the efficiency of the service. The process of collecting data, information and knowledge enhances competitiveness with smart connected products. Data and information access today is a crucial wealth for companies, just like people, technologies, and capital, and can even become a decisive factor for most. A revolutionary Integrated Digital Platform for managing new business models and for the smart transformation of businesses.
The new smart systems by Cosmetal are great examples of sustainable designs and efficient solutions. The use of microfiltered water installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs of bottles of water. Cosmetal offers sophisticated systems whether for public or home usage, giving the opportunity to every family to enjoy their water cooler dispenser and a new drinking experience directly from home.
The shared mission of Cosmetal and the Celli Group is to push for a cultural change towards new models of water consumption and to restore water to its best state: respected, controlled, local, without waste.
IntelliWater is the best answer to the needs of a new type of consumer: modern, always connected, fast, practical and respectful of the environment. By now an unstoppable change in the consumption of water is happening and Cosmetal is already contributing to rewrite the future.
All this is Intelliwater.






platform that receives, analyses data and transforms them into calls to actions.
equipment that sends technical data and consumptions via cellular network.



From opportunity management to contract closure, CRM is the system that simplifies sales processes and keeps business under control.



Integration with CRM, Service and ERP in the CELLI Group digital platform.