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Aquality POU is a standing water dispenser with a contemporary and sophisticated design, thanks to its high quality and robust materials and a cutting-edge technology. A true champion of efficiency and reliability. It can supply hot, room temperature, sparkling and cold water for large uses (for up to 30 people), so it can be perfectly installed in small venues like offices, public areas and waiting rooms. Intuitive use: just press the button for refreshing on-the-go water.


  • ROOM

  • COLD

  • HOT



  • From 1 to 5

  • From 5 to 10

  • From 10 to 20

  • From 20 to 30

Point-of-use standing water dispenser

Aquality POU is a standing water dispenser with a contemporary and sophisticated design, which accords with its material robustness and cutting-edge technology. This therefore deems it to be a true champion of efficiency and reliability. This standing water cooler always provides sparkling, room temperature, hot and cold water, making the public water supply sustainable and eliminating the need of plastic water bottles.

A point-of-use water cooler that stands out for efficiency, solidity and simplicity of management and maintenance. Equipped with ice bank cooling, it is available in two models with differentiated performances, from 20 l/h to 28 l/h. The design with simple and clean lines and the predominance of metal give it a modern and technological look.

The Aquality POU standing water dispenser is not the only bottom loading water dispenser developed by Cosmetal: try the drinking water dispenser Yumi POU, a machine with a contemporary and sophisticated design. Also discover the Aquality 5 gallon water dispenser. This top loading water dispenser has a clean and elegant design and it's the perfect solution for public venues and offices.

Technical features of the Aquality POU standing water cooler dispenser:
  • Technology - Ice-bank cooling system with two different capacities, 20 l/h and 28 l/h to guarantee an optional balance of performances and cost effectiveness.
  • Types of water available - Chilled water is available on all models, together with room temperature water in model AC, sparkling water in model ACWG, hot water in model ACH, sparkling and hot water in model CHWG.
  • Hygiene - The lack of external taps, the protected dispensing point located well away from the control panel and the integrated cup dispenser guarantee optimal hygiene, thus avoiding bacterial contamination from outside.
  • Sturdiness and reliability - The external metal casing provides sturdiness and makes the product suitable for use in environments subject to stringent hygienic requirements.
  • Filtration - Water taste and quality can be improved by fitting filters which are capable of eliminating sediment and chlorine. In addition to the traditional filter systems used to remove unpleasant odours and tastes, antibacterial filters and descalers may also be fitted.
  • Ergonomics - The position of the control panel and dispensing zone allows for drawing water without having to bend. The high dispensing zone can be used to fill cups or small bottles.
  • Safety - The safety valve prevents leakages caused by accidental faults inside the machine.
Cosmetal has a complete range of standing water dispenser versions with different temperature settings for hot and cold water: top loading water cooler, bottleless water cooler, bottom loading water dispenser, and so on.

Standing water dispenser solutions with cutting-edge technology

The water market is highly dynamic and is constantly evolving. Now there’s a new type of consumers, whose key needs are health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, customization and digitalization. They pursue a healthy lifestyle and look for sustainable choices with respect to drinking water, but they also want to rely on fully customized solutions.
For example, they want to choose the water carbonization level, temperature (to prepare teas and infusions), aromas, and flavours, as well as the sensory characteristics (such as the sodium or calcium contents) and the amount of functional elements (vitamins and minerals).

A response to these needs comes from WaterBar the innovative smart tower dispenser. This comes from a new concept by Cosmetal, which is capable of dispensing beverages with customized flavours, essences, supplements, mineral salts and with different carbonisation levels. WaterBar ensures easy interaction with the smart water dispenser for dynamic users, utmost creativity for the best consumption experience, it is the revolutionary water dispenser designed for all kinds of premises, including bars, restaurants, schools, gyms, spas, offices and canteens.

Sustainable standing water dispenser systems

Concern for the environment is a fundamental part of Celli's business strategy; our environmental approach applies to all areas of our business, from our range of chilled water dispensers and countertop water coolers to our internal operations.

There is a strong ethical correspondance in the Group’s way of doing sustainability. It means taking care of the territory in which we operate and the communities with actions related to the protection of natural heritage. This is why we are always developing new countertop, undercounter and standing water dispenser projects to achieve production efficiency, such as: energy saving functionseco-sustainable logistics, territorial projects in partnership. These are all great examples of what it means to do sustainability through the reduction of environmental waste, in favor of natural capital.

Regarding the spread of new lifestyles, Cosmetal and the Group are active in promoting the relationship between health and sustainability. These themes are linked to recycling education, for example, because although consumers are evolving, they need clear suggestions about possible solutions to orient themselves.

Cosmetal boasts one of the most extensive ranges in the drinking sector, both for types of water supplied - room temperature, cold, hot, sparkling - and for different models available. The product range collects all types of instant hot water tapwater drip tray, still and sparkling water dispenser5 gallon water dispenser and many accessories – consumers are engaged in the promotion of proper hydration and healthy drinking, combined with the idea of a sustainable future.

Our commitment to the preservation of the natural capital and water resources translates into always innovative and smart water dispenser.
Drinking fountains, standing water dispenser machines bottle water coolers and bottle water dispensers are a highly sustainable drinks choice. Unfortunately, the most widespread means to water consumption is through single-use plastic bottles, with a staggering 1 million bottles bought around the world every minute.

However, water consumption through water dispensing equipment replaces the need for harmful plastic bottles. Plus, water dispensers provide the same great-tasting, filtered water as bottled water, but they also eliminate plastic bottles ending up in the overall environmental waste product.
Cosmetal’s built-in and standing water dispenser solutions are designed with the environment in mind and feature energy saving functions and components. Energy, fuel and water are all conserved by our current generation of point-of-use water dispensers, providing a clear environmental benefit. The cost of transporting, storing and disposing of plastic water bottles is eliminated, indeed.

Turning the earth into a better place, glass by glass with fresh, filtered and sustainable water is the main goal of Cosmetal. We really care about the conditions of our planet. This is why we always carefully consider the environmental impact of our services and are always looking to provide sustainable solutions to our users. Our mission is to enhance the municipal water network and restore the most widespread drinking consumption model.

    can be equipped with hydraulic safety accessories


    can be equipped with specific filters for every need


    Ice bank cooling with differentiated features for the right balance between performance and savings


    anti-bacterial system with UV technology for dispensing area




      We have always strived to ensure that our products guarantee maximum reliability and quality. Should the need arise, a wide range of spare parts is available. If you are already our customer, go to the reserved area to buy the spare parts that you need, or ask for authentication here.