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The innovative smart tower

WaterBar is the ultra-modern solution suitable for any type of environment, from bars to restaurants, from schools to gyms, from offices to canteens. This smart tower for water dispensing by Cosmetal is able to create a drinking experience customized to the needs of the consumer, thanks to the connection with the Intelliwater digital platform.


  • ROOM

  • COLD

  • From 30 to 40

  • From 40 to 50

  • From 50 to 100

WaterBar is the practical and reliable drinking water dispenser that responds to new market needs and combines them with the consumer's desire for a healthy lifestyle while respecting the environment. This innovative dispenser allows you to obtain customized drinks with aromas, essences, supplements, mineral salts at various carbonating levels. A dispenser designed for dynamic customers, attentive to their health as well as the environment. The consumption experience is both simple and innovative, thanks to the possibility of touchless interaction via smartphone or Smart Bottle.

The main point of interaction and communication is the 10-inch touchscreen, driven by the SMART DISPENSING electronic board. The interface allows the end user a complete digital interaction, from authentication to beverage selection. The operator, on the other hand, is given a dedicated menu to offer him support during installation, maintenance and for the technical service. The dispenser system also provides advanced statistics and updates quickly remotely.

Equipped as standard with an NFC reader and camera for reading QR codes, WaterBar allows the user to identify himself personally, either by using the Smart Bottle via NFC tag technology, or by generating a QR code on his own App and showing it to the camera.

The constant connection to the Intelliwater digital platform allows the dispensing system a continuous exchange of data for the management of the machine status, alarms and consumption statistics.

Complete the Waterbar supply system with the TE-MIX water chiller, a professional and robust water cooler, which can improve efficiency in any type of bar and restaurant. Te-Mix is excellent to be installed quickly under the bar counter or in remote corners of the room, and for dispensing large quantities of cold water, still or sparkling.


    can be equipped with hydraulic safety accessories


    can be equipped with specific filters for every need

    Manual Area




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