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Cosmetal water dispensers are recognised by Legambiente as sustainable solutions for good, safe drinking water.

In 2020, Cosmetal and Legambiente officially announced the start of their partnership, that sees them actively involved in a series of projects and initiatives aimed at optimising mains water compared to bottled water, and refills compared to disposable plastic.
A collaboration that is based on two main goals: to revolutionise the current drinking water consumption model, which is far too directed towards bottled water, and to contribute to creating an economy that respects our Planet more.


Some models of microfiltered water dispenser designed and made by Cosmetal are included among the sustainable products recommended by Legambiente, which adds their logo to assessed, proven products that provide solutions for consumption models that are more respectful of the environment and to examples of sustainable development innovation and good practices.
Specifically, Cosmetal and Acqua Alma dispensers designed for the hotel and catering sector, the workplace and residential buildings are the ones that have been recognised as innovative, sustainable models. They can tangibly help to create more mindful, careful consumptions habits.
It is also thanks to Acqua Alma, the Celli Group brand dedicated to treated water, that Cosmetal manages to significantly increase awareness among the public of a new way to experience community spaces and to promote a greener approach.


    Legambiente is an association that has been carrying out its mission to protect the environment and improve quality of life for 40 years, all in a society that reflects the values of equity and sustainability in all its forms.
    In a world that is becoming increasingly radical concerning renewable resources, types of circular economy and a more sustainably quality of products, Cosmetal and Legambiente are choosing to share ambitious sustainability goals and face the challenges together for a future that is more respectful of the environment.
    The partnership between these two realities thus helps to increase awareness about water as a precious resource that must be safeguarded, and about a more responsible consumption of this resource.